Our Story

My name is Phoebe and I began my relationship with the wonder of kombucha 20 years ago when a friend brought me my first bottle. It was love at first taste! I was captivated by the process and the purpose of kombucha tea. Over the years, I have evolved in my practice and developed a consistent product that is definitely my version of art. I love to share my nectar and have gifted it in many various arenas including the burning man community, the yoga community, my local community and to my friends and family near and far.

For thousands of years and in many countries, people have benefited from the varied healing properties of kombucha tea. It is a probiotic and works inside the gut to restore and maintain balance. Among its benefits to improved health

  • it cleanses the blood
  • improves the function of the liver, gallbladder and digestion
  • enhances the immune system
  • acts as a general tonic and energy booster

Kombucha is composed of a number of bacteria and special yeast cultures in a symbiotic relationship. This living organism ferments sweetened tea to become the Kombucha beverage. The refreshing taste gives one a feeling of wellbeing. The amount of living yeast it contains gives the Kombucha beverage an active life which continues after decanting it into bottles. Kombucha has become increasingly highly regarded as an aid to preventing many illnesses.

Kombucha The Miracle Fungus
Harald W. Tietze
Copyright 1994