Custom Flavors

Adi Shaktea

Black Mango Tea and Pink Grapefruit Sencha- sweet and tart.

Bibi's D'Light

Sweet Desert Delight tea and White Rose - so divinely light.

Eden's Dew

Green and Ginger Rooibos Tea, Wilde Strawberry Tea and fresh ginger- so fresh and delicious!

Lady Jacqueline's Moon

Lady Lavender Tea and White Blueberry Tea- such a subtle pair.  

Madeline the Moondancer

Berry Hibiscus Tea, Cherry Sencha Tea and Lemon Blush Tea - make quite a trio.

Sun of a Baba

Blood Orange Tea and White Pomegranate Tea- together at last.

Seasonal Favorites

Morning Glory Flower

Austin's Summer

Fresh Mint Tea with Hibiscus Flowers

Austin's Winter

Yerba Mate' Tea brewed with fresh Rosemary

Texas Heat

Tumeric and Ginger Tea brewed with fresh ginger and tumeric root and Teaxs chili peppers for a kick!

Rose Mint

Fresh Mint Tea and White Rose Tea


This floral assortment is what always makes Paris a good idea.

Specialty Flavors

We will help you choose a flavor combination that is just right for your unique event.